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Family Law

Don't go through a legal family matter alone. Cindy L. Barber serves as your attorney and guides you through any situation related to family law.
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Criminal Defense

Secure the right representation for your criminal or misdemeanor charge when you speak to a defense attorney at the Law Offices of Cindy L. Barber.
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Estates & Personal Injury

When you need representation for your estate planning, personal injury, or real estate transaction, turn to Cindy L. Barber for help you can count on.
Honored by the Town of Bethel for More than 15 Years of Service as the Town of Bethel Judge


Cindy's Story

Receive essential legal services from our experienced attorney Cindy L. Barber. She has dedicated herself to helping people like you find sound answers and solutions. Whether you are facing a criminal charge, going through a divorce, or buying a home, she handles the legal details on your behalf. She takes on your case personally; no handing your case off to a staff member.
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Cindy L. Barber graduated Summa Cum Laude from Syracuse College of Law. She is Licensed to Handle All Cases throughout New York State. She opened her law firm in Monticello New York in 1997. In addition to being an attorney, she is a Judge in the Town of Bethel, where she continues to preside with distinction.
Attorney Barber is also a former faculty member for the office of court administration for which she trained local judges throughout Sullivan county for continuing education. In addition she was a Former Confidential Attorney for the Sullivan County Family Court for 6 years and Former Sullivan County Hearing Examiner dealing with child support and paternity cases.

Over 20 Years Experience

  • Family Court Child Custody, Visitation and Support Cases
  • Supreme Court Divorce, Separation and Spousal Maintenance
  • Criminal Matters including Driving while Intoxicated and Driving While Ability Impaired
  • Estate Planning, Probate, Will Drafting and Trusts